trombonist, composer, & multi-instrumental producer

Evan Oberla is a professional trombonist, composer, and multi-instrumentalist producer based in New Orleans. Ever since the first time he laid a finger on the key of a piano, he has been coaxing to life the sounds he hears in his mind. The journey continues to this day, progressing as art borne of life.  

Evan believes that music is a powerful voice in the dynamic of society, and that the artist's responsibility is to not only point out the truth of the matter, but to shine a little love. As such, his new EP Organic Structures comes from a place of self reflection and consequently, a renewed sense of purpose.

Evan's band Eyope released their first EP Elevation last year, with another one on the way. It's a rich musical tapestry of groove with smooth vocals, warm horns, colorful synths, fat bass & crisp drums. It invited some high quality features such as Jamison Ross, Anjelika "Jelly" Joseph, and Swatkins, and was an ode to life in New Orleans.

Besides his own projects, Evan rocks regularly 

with Miss Mojo, Brass Lightning, Justin Donovan Trio, Sexual Thunder, Billie Davies and more.

After graduating with a degree in trombone and getting started in nightclubs in Columbus, Ohio, Evan has spent the better half of his career on the road with acts big and small, traversing the country playing shows, festivals and recording sounds.

Evan has toured/performed/recorded with artists such as O.A.R., Allen Stone, Elle King, Billie Davies, Mike Dillon, Wyclef Jean, Eric Krasno, Phillip Phillips, Spoon, Rashawn Ross, Jeff Coffin, Andrew McMahon, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, DJ Logic, Mary Wilson, Kelley James, Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Mojoflo, G. Finesse, The Beethoven Found Philharmonic Orchestra, Dierks Bentley, Soja, Cris Cab, and Walk the Moon, and more.

Evan is an endorsing BAC Custom Horn artist, uses JH Audio In-Ear Monitors, and plays with an AMT P808 microphone.

Instagram: @evanoberla

Facebook: @evanoberlamusic

Twitter: @eofromtheco

Selected Discography:

"Organic Structures" - Evan Oberla (2020)

"Kick It" - Evan Oberla (2020)

"Miss Mojo at the Parlor Recording Studio" - Miss Mojo (2019)

"Elevation" - Eyope (2019)

"Bonobo Bonobo (2018) - Mike Dillon

"Love In Time" (2018) - Miss Mojo

"Perspectives II" (2018) - Billie Davies Trio

"In Spades" (2017) - Afghan Whigs

"Be Easy" (2017) - Retrofit

"Boss" (2017) - Flow Tribe


"Pleasure to the People" (2017) - Sexual Thunder

"Brass Lightning EP" (2017) - Brass Lightning

"Kiss The Ring" (2017) - Organized Crime

"XX" (2016) - O.A.R.

"On Hollywood Boulevard" (2016) - Billie Davies

"The Sample Platter" (2015) - The Most Infamous


"Hand in Hand in the Hand of the Moon" (2015) - Billie Davies Ensemble


"The Rockville LP" (2014) - O.A.R. (Of A Revolution)


'All For You' (2014) - Sheldon Jevon


'614 the Kids: A Not so SIlent Night' (2013) - Music Loves Ohio Compilation CD 


'HERE' (2013) - EOP


'A Thousand Steeples' (2013) - Hebdo


'N.S.E.P.' (2013) - G. Finesse & the NS


‘Live On Red Rocks-Live Album/DVD’ (2012)- O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) 


‘Mixtape’ (2012)- Jared Mahone 


“Don’t Talk Back’ Vinyl (2011) - The Regrettes


‘May Your Vice Be Nice’ (2011) - RFG Quintet


‘Home to You b/w Dance’ 7″ Vinyl (2011) - Mojoflo


‘Whatcha Think About That?’ (2010) - Mojoflo


'Beat Down and Broken' (2009) - Stretch Lefty


‘Waiting’ (2009) - Mojoflo