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Presstimonials & Reviews

real life sound bites:

"Pilot of fun!"

"best trombone player I've ever heard!"​


"your trombone playing is disgusting!"

"love your lyrics and message!"

Turtle Tempo Interview (2020)


"I love all styles of music and I have a hard time sticking to just one. I know that my voice will be the connecting force because that is the life I am living and that is my story to weave into the collective consciousness of the world." -EO



Offbeat Review for original EP - Elevation (2019)


"The music on Elevation is groove-oriented with elements of hip-hop, soul and R&B mingling in a concoction that demands to be heard live...Oberla proves to be an adept singer in his own right...His vocal work is set perfectly in this very modern production that reaches back as it simultaneously stretches forward." - Jay Mazza



FV Music Blog review for EP - Elevation (2019)


"‘Elevation’ is a stunning six-track released that takes the listener on a cultural journey through Eyope’s ears...Catchy melodies, luscious spoken word elements and infectious vocals all fill the sonic landscape...We have been entirely mesmerised by this EP. Feed your soul and check out this magnificent release, ‘Elevation’ today. It is an excellent masterclass in musicianship, composition, and arrangement." -FVMusicBlog



Interview with Columbus Dispatch (2019)


"Once a song is written, and people dig it and it's fun to play, I'm down for whatever. I want to keep bringing songs into the world." - EO



Press Release for EP - Here (2014)


"With influences ranging from the Roots and MMW to Trombone Shorty, this group of veteran musicians pulls flavors from live Hip-Hop, New Orleans Brass, and improvised experimental music to provide a truly unique, freshly original, yet strangely familiar musical experience...“Here” bridges the sounds and experiences of a band that has toured, shared the stage, and worked with national and international acts...These travels have built the group a widely testified reputation as a band with a jaw-dropping stage presence, exhibiting a magnetism that brings everyone inside and outside the venue towards the stage. Their charisma and band-to-fan camaraderie is nothing short of infectious, as they take full advantage of what makes a live show so special, transporting everyone in the venue to the “here and now”. Their debut EP radiates that energy and captures the indefinable beauty of a live experience, bringing listeners right “here” no matter where they may find themselves." -Ill Poetic/Definition Music, LLC


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