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New EP, Organic Structures, dropping September 4

I have a new EP coming out, called ORGANIC STRUCTURES.

It comes out on Friday September 4 on

Hope you dig it!

[album photo by Becca Duggan]

Made in a home studio in downtown New Orleans during the height of the pandemic...

...these songs take on a musical journey of self reflection and purpose amongst the newly vacant buildings of capitalism laid bare by an invisible threat and underscored by social unrest 400 years in the making. It features the incredibly talented Iris P & Cubs the Poet with a little help on bass from my good friend Mitchell Deitrick.

Preorder it now:

A little note:

We inhabit this world as organic structures amongst other organic structures - in the flesh and in our minds. A little empathy goes a long way. Awareness is graciousness. We can create bonds between us, starting even with just allowing some time to consider someone else. Allow yourself to slip into yourself. And we are growing continuously, so please take some time to take care of your own path. We are all just trying to make sense of this life and I hope this finds you with love and an open mind.

With peace, love and thought,


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