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New Album "Recalibration Salutations"

This new record is near and dear to my heart! It was recorded in my downtown New Orleans apartment studio earlier this year, when we were mostly still all inside. After a year without the usual release of live shows, these songs poured out of me and I did my best to capture them as they came. I recorded all of the instruments and vocals save for just a select few on two tunes.

After recording them I came to use them as calling cards to aid in my journey of self discovery, as probably most of us were and still currently are on. Serving as little reminders, these songs helped me if I got stuck in my head, or feeling any negative energy, or facing a seemingly unsurpassable obstacle. They guided me through my processing routine. Therefore, they became my Recalibration Salutations!

I hope you enjoy these homemade musical servings of love and share them with whomever you think might benefit or appreciate. Big thanks to my musical compadres Jon Lampley, Scotty Graves, Mitchell Deitrick, & AJ Hall for their contributions, my good friend Joey Gurwin for shedding technical and life wisdom, and my beautiful wife Becca for encouraging me to stay true to my vision all the while living through it with me. With love, music, peace and gratitude, I present to you -

Recalibration Salutations

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