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What is ease? With the absence of a prefix, it becomes open fresh airy calm relaxed space.

How do you find ease? I believe that's the more particular of the questions.

Is it found outside? I wouldn't think so, especially because its something you feel on the inside.

So how do you find ease? Taking a breath and checking in with my body seems to help.

Does listening promote ease? Being able to take in information without distortion by engaging in the liminal.

How does the liminal function? As the space between the defined, of transition and groundlessness

Is the liminal comfortable? It's learning to embrace the uncomfortable to exist in the in between

What are some benefits? A more open mind and heightened ability to connect to the right now

Is this the path to sustainable growth? It tends to lead to understanding, deepening roots of concepts.

In this state, are we most aware? Of ourselves, our surroundings, our visions and callings?

Would you consider this a path forward? Can this be achieved at any time?

Questions of curiosity for growth and experience

These are the roots of the Grow Orchestra

Thank you for being here

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