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'electric organic soul'

EO & the GROW is an experience that invites the listener to tap into their inner child while joining in on a musical journey of self discovery.

ART 4 ALL is the new full length album from Evan Oberla. The seven songs paint a picture of space, a space you can grow into. Based in New Orleans, this artist enlisted a crew of longtime compatriots to bring to life this kinetic energy released in luscious groove based lyrically clear and contemplative songs with progressions that flow freely and stick in your ear. A4A as an album features songs that arose in Evan’s journey of sobriety and renewed sense of love; romantically, in humanity and of self.
All but one song came from pandemic times, with lyrics as juicy as the sounds recorded at New Orleans’ Marigny Studios. With snare hits you could sink into, electric keys that drip like a waterfall, guitar chirps, organ swells, and a modern comfy bass shelf, Evan’s vocals set in right where they need to, vibey yet crystal clear, in timeless songs that don’t chase any trend or imitation, but instead exist perfectly as they are to tell the story as it came to be, naturally.


Evan Oberla is an artist, multi-instrumentalist musician & songwriter based in New Orleans with a naturally dynamic sound arriving at an intersection between catchy melodious themes and instantaneous adventurous improvisation, all the while maintaining a fresh soulful groove.

While coming home into his own artistry, this gifted performer and his trombone have spanned genres of funk, jazz, pop, hip hop, roots, edm, brass band, avant garde, rock n roll, Latin styles, & more, honing his musical soup of influences along the way into a distinctly unique yet joyfully familiar style of his own.

The GROW is found in expansion from the slightest of movements; the breadth of which is found by heeding the inner world, and musically based upon the roots of Evan’s trombone imbuing the sound’s melodic and harmonic sense. Through conscious collaborative interplay, the GROW's key goal is converging to find the music of the now.

Bands & Records & Things:

After graduating with a jazz studies degree in trombone performance from OSU, Evan has built his career in local scenes and on the road playing with a plethora of bands, traversing the country playing shows, festivals and making recordings.

He has put out a handful of albums of original music with various outfits over the years,​ including Eyope, EOP, RFG Quintet and now his self titled endeavor, with his cast of bandmates taking on the moniker of the GROW.

Along with being an active member of Flow Tribe and the New Orleans scene; a short list of artists and bands he has shared the stage, the road, and recording studio with include O.A.R., Allen Stone, Elle King, Brass Lightning, Miss Mojo, Mike Dillon, Theo Katzman, Swatkins, Kamasi Washington, Wyclef Jean, Sexual Thunder!, Eric Krasno, Spoon, Rashawn Ross, Jeff Coffin, Deltaphonic, Sam Price & the True Believers, Burris, Magnetic Ear, Billie Davies, Iris P, Andrew McMahon, Kelly James, Mojoflo, G. Finesse, Columbus Jazz Orchestra, Beethoven Found Philharmonic, Dierks Bentley, Cris Cab, Soja, Walk the Moon and many more.

Evan is an endorsing BAC Custom Horn artist as well as an AMT artist using an p808 microphone.

Original Recordings:

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