This Agreement is between _____________________________,


collectively known as ____________________ and Budnbone Productions, LLC


for the


(Circle one) *Lease – Quasi-Sale – Outright Sale of track (song) commonly known as Track Number _____.


Copyright Interests: ____________

Term: ___________

Our Fee: __________ non-recoupable*

Our Advance Fee: __________ half is non-recoupable*

Our Royalty Fee: ___________ 

Master Ownership: ___________

Publishing rights: ____________



Production credit will be given to Budnbone Productions, LLC

 on all tracks. Also, including but not limited to… Cds, Cd covers, inserts… 

all advertisements larger than a half page, all billboards, all singles, etc.



*The above named artists/client agrees to use his, her or their best efforts to have the track (song) leased or sold to them placed on their album once a deal has been negotiated. Furthermore, it is agreed that the artist/client will use his, her or their best efforts to cause the record label to retain Budnbone Productions, LLC to produce other master tracks on that album, or more master tracks on subsequent albums.